Regulation rating100%
Instruments rating90%
Platforms rating100%
Account types rating90%
Funding rating90%
Support rating100%


✅ Broker lifetime period
✅ Several trusted licenses
✅ Multiplefunding methods
✅ Various trading platforms



FxPro Review

The FxPro broker came to the public in 2006 and almost from the very start became a leader in the forex industry. So far the company has expanded its services and now offers it to customers from more than 150 countries. Aside from that, the broker keeps getting various international and local awards like ‘Best FX Provider’ in Online Personal Wealth Awards or ‘Most Trusted Forex Brand UK’ from Global Brands Magazine.

The growth of the company has led to the opening of offices in several countries, though being initially a broker from the UK, the headquarters remains in its capital – London.


The whole bunch of FxPro companies in various legislations is owned by the FxPro Group Limited. The companies are:

  • FxPro UK Limited, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is the main company with the most trustable license.
  • FxPro Financial Services Ltd, authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The second one trustworthy regulator that has granted a license to the FxPro.
  • FxPro Global Markets MENA Limited is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (FSA) and exists mostly to onboard clients from the MENA region.
  • FxPro Global Markets Ltd is authorized by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB) and is an offshore company of the FxPro Group

Such a big number of regulations adds a certain level of security for a broker and such regulations like FCA even have a compensation fund of up to 85,000 pounds per customer in case of bankruptcy or similar case.

FxPro is truly one of the leaders among the companies that are regulated in several legislations and have certainly a large number of offices in multiple countries.

Feature Condition
Foundation year 2006
Publicly Traded on Exchange
Tier-1 Licenses CySEC, FCA
Tier-3 Licenses FSA, CSB

Regulation rating100%



Right after the foundation, FxPro started as a pure forex broker and later spread into CFD, with a current total number of assets equal to 256. It is noticeable that FxPro continues its growth by adding on more instruments like cryptocurrencies, being popular nowadays.

Finally, there are the following asset classes available:

  • Currency Pairs – 70 FX pairs including majors, minors, and exotics
  • Indices – 29 spot market indices like NASDAQ, S&P500, Dow Jones
  • Stocks – over 150 large-cap stocks known worldwide
  • Spot Metals – 2 precious metals (Gold & Silver)
  • Futures – 20 contracts
  • Spot Energies – 3 energy commodities

We confirm, that the instruments list is fairly full in terms of offered asset classes and will be suitable for the majority of traders that want to have all the main symbols for trading in one place. Of course in our broker reviews exist companies that offer 3,500 or even 12,000 instruments these are more likely an exception rather than the rule.

Feature Condition
Major forex pairs
Minor forex pairs
Exotic forex pairs
UK shares
US shares
German shares
French shares

Instruments rating90%


Trading platforms

FxPro offers a really wide range of trading platforms that is why every user will find the one that suits him more.

MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5

Being an absolute industry standard, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) terminals are the most popular in FxPro. Both of these systems have proven their reliability and they could be considered as user-friendly, multi-featured platforms. The terminals offer multiple order types (market, limit, stop, stop-limit), fast execution, and support automated trading through third-party indicators, scripts, and expert advisors (EAs).

While the updates of MetaTrader 4 have been suspended by its vendor MetaQuotes, the MetaTrader 5 is being developed seriously and various enhancements are being released every 2 or 3 weeks. In MT5 there is a built-in order book, VPS support, Cloud calculations, a new coding language, and many more.

As an addition, it is possible to use MetaTrader WebTrader to log in to all trading accounts from the browser. It is also possible to use the famous Autochartist plugin that allows getting benefit from the advanced trading tools.

FxPro cTrader

Being designed as an alternative to MetaTrader, cTrader is an innovative platform with modern design, fast execution, and a native algorithmic trading environment. The platform has C# built-in support that allows developers to use this Top-5 language for their bots implementation. Moreover, for serious and professional traders there is available FIX API support that is being an industry-standard in finance and is widely used by banks. One of its main features is that it is available not only for Windows OS but for macOS users also.

FxPro Markets

The latest addition in the set of trading software is the Markets web-based platform. As well as MetaTrader’s WebTrader, it is accessible from the browser. Among the features, there are one-click trading, a wide range of trading indicators, advanced charts, and more. Though web terminals are not that feature-rich as the desktop analogs, it is still a good choice for users who do not want to install anything on their computers.

FxPro Quant Strategy Builder

As mentioned earlier, FxPro is a really algo friendly broker that is why another useful software called Quant Strategy Builder is offered. It is created for those traders who are willing to explore automated strategies. To increase the user’s experience, quant templates and samples are available in the Quant library so it will be easy to understand the concept and try to develop something on its own.

On the platform, there is available a long range of instruments and asset classes, starting from the currency pairs to Brent oil and DAX. The platform is a very good choice for traders that do not have a developer’s background but still want to automate their trading.

FxPro Edge
FxPro Edge is the latest update of the platforms range offered in FXPro. The main goal of the platform is to provide customers with access to Spread Betting, which is available for users from the UK. There is a certainly big number of instruments available in the platform, so it is competitive to its analogs, offered in FxPro. The platform is highly customizable and is web-based so as for other web platforms of the broker, there is no need to install anything on PC.

Mobile Apps
The mobile users will also get access to several platforms that will definitely give a choice to select the most suitable and desired one. The list of mobile platforms consists of the following platforms:

  • MT4 for Mobile
  • MT5 for Mobile
  • FxPro cTrader for Mobile

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for mobile are well-known as good as their desktop platforms. In both AppStore and Google Play Market both applications have high ranks and plenty of reviews.

cTrader is less popular though still feature-rich and the platform itself is also stylish and fast as well as its PC-based version and as well allows to get access to a solid number of instruments.

Both MetaTrader and cTrader mobile platforms have less functionality though they still allow getting the main features required by customers: trading possibility, charts monitoring, quotes and large number of instruments.

Feature Condition
MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5
MetaTrader 4 iOS/Android
Proprietary Trading Platform
Web Terminal

Trading platforms rating100%


Account types and conditions

The account types of FxPro could be divided into several groups that depend on the selected platform. This division is pretty straight forward and allows customers to choose easily which account type will be the best one. The groups are the following:

  • MT4
  • MT5
  • cTrader
  • VIP


The group consists of account types that imply using MetaTrader 4 terminal. There are 3 account types available in this group:

  1. MT4 Instant Fixed Spreads
  2. MT4 Instant Variable Spreads
  3. MT4 Market

MT4 Instant Fixed Spreads is an account type with fixed spreads, therefore it is slightly higher than on account types with variable spreads. On these accounts, the commissions for futures, indices, and stocks are not charged, while the Forex and metals commissions are included.

MT4 Instant Variable Spreads has the same instruments that are offered for trading on Fixed Spreads account. The spread on the account is variable, as mentioned, and depends on market volatility.

Both MT4 Instant Fixed Spreads and MT4 Instant Variable Spreads have an Instant execution type that allows controlling execution of the order in terms of price. While setting your order, you can select a Deviation that will be taken into account by the broker and the order will be executed only if the deviation will not be larger than the defined one.

MT4 Market account type has a Market execution in comparison to the previously mentioned account that does not guarantee the execution price but guarantees the order execution. Among the asset classes on this account type, there are Forex pair, indices, energies, metals, stocks, and futures.


There is only one account type available in this group and its main difference is that it is created to get access to the MetaTrader 5 terminal. The list of available instruments is the same but the stocks are not provided on this account type. The account has a Market execution type, so there will be no requotes.


This account type allows to use the cTrader platform and there are available 4 asset classes: forex, metals, indices, and energies. The spreads on this account type are slightly lower and the execution is Market, which offers a no-requotes trades execution.


This account type is available for MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader platforms. The main features of this account are 30% discounts for commissions and spreads. Though to operate this account a user has to have at least a $50,000 balance, while all the other account types have a $100 minimum requirement. The execution type on this account is Market.

Feature Condition
Demo account
Variable spreads account
Fixed spreads account
VIP account
Islamic account

Trading conditions rating90%


Commissions and spreads

FxPro broker offers its lowest spreads on the cTrader platform. It has commission-based pricing that is fairly competitive. The average spread of the EUR/USD currency pair is equal to 1.26 pips, which consists of 0.36 average spread and 0.9 pip commission.

FxPro’s floating (variable) spreads that are available on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms for EUR/USD as an example, equal to 1.58 for accounts that have market execution (1.51 pips avg. on MetaTrader 5) and 1.71 for accounts with instant execution. This information is stated on the website of the broker.

Commissions rating90%


Deposits and Withdrawals

FxPro has a really wide range of available funding methods, that depends on the chosen regulation of the broker. In total, the following methods are available:

  • Bank wire transfer
  • Debit/credit cards
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • China UnionPay
  • Broker to Broker transfer

FxPro does not charge any additional fees for deposits but so may do the bank or the used payment system. I.e. there is usually charged the commission for SWIFT bank transfers.

Commissions for withdrawals are not charged either. Usually, the withdrawals are processed within one business day so it will not take long to receive the funds. Withdrawal requests are made from the FxPro Direct client’s area.

Feature Condition
Bank wire
Debit/Credit cards
China UnionPay

Deposits & Withdrawals rating90%


Customer Support

FxPro offers certainly qualified multilingual customer support. Support is available 24/5 from Sunday 23:00 until Friday 12:00. On the website, there are also mentioned the addresses of the offices if clients want to visit FxPro.

Among the most common methods there are available the following:

  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Email

According to the reviews of customers, all of these methods allow getting a fast and qualified responses via Live Chat and Phone while Email support may take slightly longer.

Feature Condition
Live Chat

Customer Support rating100%


FxPro Overview

Finally, FxPro could be considered one of the leaders in the Forex industry, known for more than 15 years.

The broker has several trusted licenses from FCA and CySEC that add a certain level of security to the client’s funds.

A certain number of account types allow to select the one that is more suitable in terms of trading conditions, allowed instruments, or even get a special offer with a VIP account.

There are available several trading platforms so a user can choose the most suitable one in terms of usability, design, execution, and other factors. The trading conditions are also fairly good and competitive.

The broker has a wide range of funding methods so customers will not face issues willing to make a deposit or withdrawal.


· Broker lifetime period

· Several trusted licenses

· Multiple funding methods

· Variety of trading platforms