MT4 indicators that Meet the Goals of Professional Traders

Supply & Demand Indicator

Display the zones according to the market law of Supply and Demand on the charts. You can monitor the areas of strong buys and sells on selected instrument to define the possible reversal points of price.

  • Multi timeframe indicator
  • Customizable zone type
  • Zone width display
  • Adjustable color scheme
  • No zones repainting
Supertrend indicator

Supertrend Indicator

Analyze the trend of the world liquid currency pairs, indices, CFD and cryptocurrencies and base your trading decisions with the help of multi-featured indicator.

  • Various built-in indicators (ATR and StdDev)
  • Suitable for all asset classes
  • Flexible settings
  • Variable color scheme
  • On-price placement

Risk Manager Tool

Take your risks under control, using this software. Various settings will help to protect capital by utilizing its variable settings and 24/7 monitoring.

  • Control of losses per day and week
  • Trailing profit protection
  • Overall balance guard
  • Terminal re-launch control
  • Max trades & max losses in a row prevention
Risk manager for MetaTrader 4
Swap Indicator

Swap Indicator

Monitor swaps for all instruments in your trading terminal. Swaps for various asset classes in one place with adjustable settings

  • Multiple methods of symbols selection
  • Real-time swaps calculation
  • Adjustable distance settings
  • Variable color scheme
  • Different font options

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Currency Strength Meter

A powerful tool to monitor the strength of the desired currencies in the Forex and Crypto markets. The meter compares all available currency pairs to identify which currencies are the strongest and which are the weakest.

  • Equalizer feature
  • Adjustable periods of monitoring
  • Variety of settings
  • Multitimeframe
  • Several displaying modes
Currency Strength Meter
Supply and Demand zones indicator for MetaTrader with swap zones

Swap Zones Indicator

Display the broken zones on the charts that are acting like Support & Resistance. These zones are usually revisited and have a high potential for price reversal from them. They could act as good levels to place stops behind them.

  • Multi timeframe indicator
  • Customizable zone type
  • Display both valid and broken zones
  • Adjustable colour scheme
  • Combining of zones for stronger signals

Forex Market Hours

Display the trading sessions of the biggest financial centres of the world like New York, London, Sydney and Tokyo with multiple settings and features.

  • Show sessions’ open hours directly on the chart
  • Auto-switch of daylight saving time
  • Signals for the start and end of trading sessions
  • Fonts and colours are adjustable
Forex Market Hours
Pivot point indicator for MetaTrader terminal

Pivot Points indicator

Pivot Point analysis is a technique of determining key levels that price may react to. Pivot points tend to function as support or resistance and can be turning points.

  • Available on several timeframes
  • Adjustable signals and colors
  • Various methods of calculation

MetaTrader 5 to Binance

Trade on Binance cryptocurrency exchange using the trading panel directly from MetaTrader 5 terminal

  • Variety of settings
  • Trading Spot, Futures and COIN-M Futures market
  • User-friendly interface
  • Displaying orders and positions directly on the chart
  • Adjustable Signals
MT5 To Binance

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